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"I believe that each person walking this earth is valuable. Not only that, but everyone has a purpose, and their God-given purpose is crucial to the function and betterment of our world. My goal is to simply remind people that they are important.

 If we all understood how valuable our lives are, then we could also begin to notice the value in the lives around us. And that could really change the world we live in." 

Why Hope Seekers?

A message from founder Abby Paul

Core Values

Board Of Directors: (From left to right) Secretary: Miley Waterman. CFO: Emmelyn Prano, Founder/President: Abby Paul, Board member: Nada Nasserdeen, Program Director: Mary Leist    


 Uplifting others is a fairly simple task. It involves little to no preparation, time, money or resources. It's something we can all freely give and receive, yet many of us go days, months even years without lending an encouraging word or feeling encouraged ourselves. Hope Seekers strives to give the gift of encouragement to everyone, and believes that a step toward making the world a better place starts with uplifting others. So... The next time you notice something good about someone, tell them.
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ~ Anne Frank


Hope Seekers believes that every life is valuable. We understand that the more you value yourself the easier it is to place value in others, and vice-versa. This can ultimately create a more united and accepting community. Our belief is that each life is more precious that the purest form of gold, and our goal is to help people learn this about themselves. 

On our journey through life we experience moments where we ask ourselves "What are we here for?" It is a common theme the older we get to expect our life purpose to be uncovered, and many of us struggle along the way to find it. We believe that everyone is placed on this earth for a reason, and we want to help people find theirs. 


"There is no greater gift that to honor your calling. Its why you were born. And how you become most truly alive."~Oprah Winfrey 


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