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Westside Student Center


"Born and raised in the Westside, I always knew I wanted to start some type of program that caters to kids in the West Long Beach Community. This project came to vision 8 years ago, however, at the time I felt I wasn’t equipped enough to fulfill a calling that I myself, had no idea would be! Fast forward to May 2017, Westside Student Center came to fruition as a nonprofit after school program. In the last year I’ve learned that there is a shortage of quality after school programs and how so many students are struggling to meet grade level bench marks, making learning a difficult task. Also, I want to expose our students to a variety of “Fun Friday” activities that will help them explore new hobbies, tinker outside of their comfort zones, develop positive character and self-worth.  Westside Student Center is here to support students in all ways we can!"

Melanie Sararana, Founder Westside Student Center

Whats your story?


The mission of our organization is to provide the school aged children in our community, a safe, developmentally appropriate environment to help and guide students improve academic achievement, assist with homework, provide tutoring, help prevent youth violence and risky behavior and promote healthy life choices during the after school hours. We want our students to be empowered, encouraged, and most importantly, equipped for the future.

What is the mission of your organization?


We will utilize our donations to help jumpstart a reading program to help our students read at their grade level, and help expenses for “Fun Friday” activities.

What will you do with the funds donated?


Since our grades range from 1st-6th, we need a variety of workbooks, reading materials, visuals and bulletin board displays to teach basic reading lessons. Our Fun Friday activities vary; from having an artist come in and teach us how to paint, to having yoga instructor come in to help us breath, stretch and relax! Our possibilities are endless!

What else would you like our donors to know about you?

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