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Gems Uncovered

Goal: $2,500

Introducing Mary White, founder of Gems Uncovered

I learned about Human Sex Trafficking 6 years ago at a conference and I was horrified to learn it was happening here in the US and not just "over there" some where else. The injustice of girls, ladies, and children being sold for sex was monstrous, someone has to do something I complained to God..  It was then I heard God say.." So now that you know, what are you going to do about it?"  I thought, oh my gosh, what can I do about this huge issue, I mean seriously.  Fast forward, a year later I was asked to join a task force in Long Beach to combat the issue about Human Sex Trafficking. I learned everything I could about Human Trafficking and  joined a team that went out to the streets to pray for the girls soliciting on the streets. Although makeup made these girls look much older, they were just  14, 15, 16  years of age,  My heart broke for these girls.  I'd ask what can I pray for you about?  Responses came -  " pray for my safety, pray for  my health, pray for  my mom I haven't seen her in years, pray for  my baby." 


 My passion to help became overwhelming where I was lead to have a street team in Long Beach, then a Drop In Center, a safe place for the  girls to come.  Hearing their stories and seeing their pain I kept pressing forward to do more.  The best weapon to fight this demon called Human Sex Trafficking is awareness.  We now provide workshops for youth to equip them with what it is and the danger flags of being lured into the life.  We have a relationship with the City and Prosecutors office to provide a program for girls  called FREE 2B ME.  We unfold the lies that were told to them  by their pimp/trafficker.  Lies about fake love.  Help them understand abuse, violence and being sold does not = love.   Letting them know their value as a human being is priceless.   We uncover their dreams that  were thought to be lost  and let them know those dreams can still be reached. We journey along side them ensuring they have someone in their corner. When they graduate from the program we have a huge party to celebrate them and their success.


We all have a responsibility to do something for the injustice of this world.  A question to ask yourself... what can I do to make it a better place for someone else?

Whats your story?


Rebuilding lives by offering resources, counseling, and education in a safe, loving and hope filled environment.

What is the mission of your organization?

The funding received will be used to continue the program which provides the participants with basic necessities such as clothing, hygiene products, journals, food cards, a stuffed animal, shoes, undergarments and their celebration party.  When these girls come to us they only have the clothes on their back, they are dependent on their pimps/traffickers for those things.  When they see someone giving them those things with no expectation of anything in return  -- its truly a game changer.


What will you do with the funds donated?


​​I have 4 adult sons, and 1 grand daughter.  The call to "do something"  was so strong that I left my job to do this full time.  I have no regrets and my God has taken care of all my needs.  Don't be afraid to follow the calling on your life.  You have no idea who is waiting for you to help them out of their darkness.

What else would you like our donors to know about you?

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